The Bed & Breakfast Guest Etiquette Quiz
104 Ways to increase your B & B savoir faire, charm your host and get preferential service at any Bed & Breakfast

by Andrea Reynolds, Copyright Andrea Reynolds 2002-2017.

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Do you know the best answer?
While the answers to these questions may seem perfectly obvious to you, not everyone who stays in a Bed and Breakfast is as intelligent, and well-mannered as you. Many hosts (including me) have been astonished at the lack of good sense of a few guests. So this 104 multiple-choice quiz is an attempt to educate in a way that helps some save face.

1. If you're a smoker and you're staying at a smoke-free B & B...
a. Feel free to smoke wherever you wish... after all you're a paying guest.
b. Smoke only in your own room or in the bath.
c. Smoke outside under open windows.
d. Ask your host if there is a designated indoor and outdoor smoking area.

  2. Which of the following is OK to flush down the toilet?
a. Old underwear, books, toys, jewelry.
b. Hair, old food, bars of soap, stationery.
c. Used sanitary supplies, tissues, paper towels.
d. Toilet paper (and normal bodily secretions and excretions).

  3. What do you do with the jam jar spoon?
a. Lick it before placing it back in the jam.
b. Use it to spread jam on your toast or muffin.
c. Use one jam spoon for all the jam flavors.
d. Use it to transfer jam to your plate, return it to the same jam pot, then use your own butter spreader to spread your toast. Plus 97 more questions.

 Andrea Reynolds is available to provide a scandalously humorous presentation to Bed & Breakfast Associations on B & B promotion or guest etiquette. She will also offer small classes for anyone who wants to open a themed bed and breakfast.


"Andrea, thank you... I have already read it and found it very, very informative and so amusing. Keep up your good work. Rod A. Chisholm, Hamilton ON

  In a style made famous by the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" show, The B & B Guest Etiquette Quiz booklet contains the appropriate answer to very typical guest home situations (and also actual guest faux pas and antics as multiple choices).

Experienced guests will enjoy taking this amusing etiquette quiz... First-time guests will learn how to be great repeat guests without embarrassment. 

Back when travelers rode horses until nightfall, lodging was quite primitive. Men would pay for a place to sleep, often sharing a bed with one or two strangers, dusty breeches and all. At dawn they may have washed or shaved, had a meal, and rode off in separate directions.

Today, more and more business travelers and tourists are enjoying a modernized, more enjoyable version of this form of accommodation, by staying in someone's private city or country home for two or more nights.

Staying in a Bed & Breakfast has advantages over staying in an impersonal hotel. You are accommodated in a home-away-from-home with very nice people looking after you. And for less than the cost of a comparable hotel stay, you get a comfortable -- often luxury quality -- room and bed, private or shared bath, a wholesome breakfast (full or extended continental), sparkling conversation, lots of activity ideas and cultural advice, and often, free parking.

As more North Americans are choosing Bed & Breakfast accommodation over hotel stays, B & B hosts would like first-time guests to know -- but are often too kind to tell them -- that there are some major differences between the two types of lodging.

Staying in a Bed & Breakfast is like staying at your future in-laws' home for the first time. (You want to enjoy yourself, but you also want to make a good impression.) The key is to remember that you are a guest in someone's private home; you're not staying in a hotel. We hosts want you to have a warm, relaxed and memorable stay; all we ask is that you be a polite and thoughtful guest.


The Story Behind the Booklet
As a former bed and breakfast host I can tell you that most guests are absolutely delightful. Occasionally, however, we come across a few first-timers -- mostly North Americans -- whose behavior and antics can be outrageous. (Guests from other countries where B & Bs are more popular don't seem to need these tips.) You will be amused by some of them; disturbed by others. Many of the tips in the booklet come from the experiences of dozens of other hosts.

This booklet began as a six page article hanging in the guest bathroom of my own B & B. I noticed that as guests used the bath their manners improved and I didn't have to say a word or post any signs. I transformed the article into a booklet of 50 tips...and now it contains 104 tips in the form of multiple choice questions. I encourage you to test yourself.

Tips are written as multiple choice questions (correct answers are indicated.)

1. Introduction
2. The B & B Experience
3. Reservations
4. Check In
5. Your Room
6. The Bathroom
7. Common Areas
8. During Your Stay
9. Breakfast
10. Check Out
11. What's Your Score?
12. Guests' Bill of Rights


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About the Author
Andrea Reynolds is the former owner of Author's Bed & Breakfast in downtown Toronto. It started with an assignment from a business school to write a profile about one of their home business instructors: a woman who operated a five-bedroom B & B in downtown Toronto. Andrea was hooked. Five years later she apprenticed herself to a Bed and Breakfast reservation service, then filled in as host for several vacationing B & B owners.

In 1995 she was able to open her own small B & B in Cabbagetown, a trendy but colorful area of Toronto. In 1997 she moved her B & B to a larger home with 3 guest bedrooms, two guest baths and a guest kitchen.

Her theme home was created to provide a home and office away from home for authors who were on media and press tours to promote their books. In addition to affordable accommodation, she provided promotion and office services, and kitchen facilities for author-chefs who needed to prepare food in advance of television demonstrations.

A home invasion and subsequent death threats for putting the intruder in jail convinced her it was time to hang up her host apron and return to giving how-to advice. She returned to the US and is a writer and marketing coach who specializes in helping experts, how-to authors and speakers build
advice empires. She is available to speak to B & B associations on marketing your B & B services and handling tough B & B challenges.

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What do you do with the jam jar spoon when you're a guest at a Bed & Breakfast?

Test Your B & B Guest Etiquette IQ
a. Lick it before placing it back in the jam.
b. Use it to spread jam on your toast or muffin.
c. Use one jam spoon for all the jam flavors.
d. Use it to transfer jam to your plate, return it to the same jam jar, then use your own butter spreader to spread it on your toast. (The correct answer.)

  (ERIE PA) Who cares?, you say. Well, if you're the next guest at the table do you want a stranger's crumbs (or worse) in your jam? The problem is: not everyone knows the new etiquette for bed and breakfast stays. The B & B Guest Etiquette Quiz offers 104 tips written "in the form of a question."

When a contestant on Jeopardy! mentioned that a B & B host had insulted guests by plastering rules on sticky notes all over the home, Andrea Reynolds, former owner of Author's Bed & Breakfast in Toronto, knew there was a better, kinder way to enlighten travelers new to the idea of staying in a Bed and Breakfast over a hotel or motel. So she wrote a 24-page booklet of 104 guest etiquette tips in the style of popular TV game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?".

Reynolds, once a family and consumer science teacher, found that 70% of her guests were first-timers. "I didn't want to be a critical parent or make my guests feel uncomfortable, so after asking a dozen hosts to tell me their worst guest stories, I wrote a humorous article and hung a copy in each guest bathroom as the only reading matter. Guest manners improved and many guests said they were grateful for the guidelines. I get better results when teaching with kindness than with intimidation so the article grew into a lighthearted quiz booklet. It still makes good bathroom reading."

Reynolds, interviewed by Sir David Frost and other journalists on national television on the subject of etiquette, advises: "Remember, you're a guest in someone's private home. It's NOT OK to parade through the common areas in your underwear, raid the fridge at night, throw impromptu parties, sleep all day, snoop in private areas, nor bring hookers into the home. (Yes, it has happened.) But, it IS good to pay on arrival -- after all, hosts hand you the keys to their house -- introduce your partner by name, use your phone card to make long distance calls, and go out for the day after breakfast."

Her 24-page, oversize ebooklet, The B & B Guest Etiquette Quiz is available online for $3.95 US. For more information, email Andrea at

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12 ways Hosts can benefit from multiple copies of this booklet
1. Offer to supply copies to conference planners in your area to insert in attendees' conference registration packages.
2. Mail a copy to each new guest with her deposit receipt and confirmation information.
3. Affix your B & B's promotional label to the cover of each booklet and use them as promotional giveaways to generate repeat and referral business.
4. Display booklets in each of your guest rooms and bath rooms as guest reading material. Replace as they are taken home or become tattered.
5. Sell booklets at a profit in your gift shop.
6. Sell booklets at a profit to all the guest homes in your local, area, or state B & B associations.
7. Sell copies at a profit to other hosts at your national or federal B & B association.
8. Sell copies at a profit on your web site to new guests and other hosts.
9. Provide a bundle of booklet to new hosts who become members of your B & B association or reservation service as a membership benefit.
10. Supply copies to your local tourism board, travel agents, and Chamber of Commerce, with your B & B's promotional label attached.
11. Invite Andrea Reynolds to speak at your regional, state, provincial, federal or international B & B conference and receive a free booklet for each host in the audience.
12. If you're an inn-sitter, apply your contact info to the booklet and send it to hosts in areas where you'd like to inn-sit.

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