Your Questions. The Publisher Answers.

This page will answer questions you may have about our philosophy and policy. Go ahead. Ask me

1. How do I submit my manuscript to you?
Read and follow the submission guidelines on this site.

2. Do you provide other payment methods other than credit cards or PayPal?
Yes, several. Check the list of payment options provided on this site.

3. Are you publishing only your own works and your family's books?
I'm considering how-to and how-not-to books from other authors.

4. Are you in business to only make a profit?
My two goals are to provide good advice to readers through the materials I publish, and make a profit for authors and me.

5. What was the impetus behind launching Bitango Books?
When my mother died and left an unpublished manuscript I decided to rebuild a publishing house and publish it. I discovered the name on her birth certificate was Bitango, so I named the company after her. (The name was probably not spelled correctly. It may have been Bitanga.)

6. How big of an advance and kind of royalties do you offer?
Advances are very small: perhaps $100. However, royalties can be as high as 50-80% of profits. It depends on the level of development required to publish your manuscript: substantial editing, expensive cover design, illustrations, marketing campaign, etc.

7. I've published a book with another publisher; will you promote my book to the press and media?
You can possibly hire me separately from Bitango Books, for a monthly fee. But instead of promoting tangible items (like books), I promote specialized expertise (intangible). So I would prefer to promote you the expert, not so much the book. That way you make money from your other activities, not just book sales.

8. I've self-published a book; will you promote my book to the press and media for half the profits?
Again, separate from this publishing house, I may be willing and available to promote you, the author of a nonfiction/how-to book, for a monthly fee.

9. I've published a book with another publisher; will you promote me as a speaker through your speaker agency?
If you've been a client of mine in the past - I've edited your book, or published it - I can represent your interests in contract negotiation, but not promote you.

10. What prior publishing experience does the publisher have?
Since 1981, I have published my own books and promoted them on national radio, national TV and through the national and international press. I've published a half-dozen newsletters, and raised money for book projects from private investors.

11. Do I need to be represented by a literary agent?
No, an agent is not required and probably a middle person is unnecessary. I am interested in collaborative relationships between authors and publishers. I feel that your interests should be my interests; that's how we will best thrive.

12. Do you accept advertising on your site?
I'll consider it. Send me a query letter telling me what you want to advertise and how you want to advertise.

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