About Bitango Books

Bitango is the child of HALO Press, Andrea Reynolds' first publishing company, which launched in 1981. Its first publication was The 1982 Directory of Professional Image Consultants in Canada. It was crowd-funded by the very people who are listed in the directory.


is in the early stages of development so we still need to re-work our pricing, design new book covers, assign ISBN numbers, create more editions (Kindle, Nook, Apple iBook, etc.) and complete some half-finished publications.

Bitango has a hidden agenda.
Many of our publications are written for people who don't like to read or don't read well. We want to see nonreaders buy books and so they can get the information they need, quickly and without difficulty. Paragraphs are short. Ideas are conveyed in "bullets," often in 1-3 sentences. Typeface is larger or enlargeable. "White space" makes for easier reading… or writing notes in the margins.

Bitango offers small advances, but royalties are higher than most traditional publishers. We have always believed that authors – who do the most work on the book – should not be the ones who receive the smallest amount of compensation. Traditional publishing has always paid in inverse proportion to the amount of effort invested (distributors, retailers, etc.) So we intend to publish in ways that allow authors to better benefit monetarily.

Bitango goes the extra mile for authors. For example, if an author doesn't yet have a web site, we can usually design an effective, but affordable site, and have it uploaded within a few days. It's in everyone's best interests for us to do that.

Bitango loves receiving kind remarks from our readers. Tell us what you thought of the books you purchased so we may share your words with new readers.

Bitango is the publisher's maternal family name, which also means rogue or gypsy. Perhaps it's fitting, in that the publisher has always been a bit of a contrarian and maverick and has moved so many times she stopped counting at 100 addresses.

Bitango battles piracy and offers rewards to anyone who discovers that our authors' published works are being pirated. Tell us where you've seen our works sold without our permission (especially ebooks) and we will investigate. If you purchase such a publication, send it to us and if it is our work we will cover your cost and give you an additional monetary reward as well.

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Miniature New Testament bible.
Smaller than a dollar coin. Date is 1895.
The case above also functions as a magnifying glass.
This tiny bible is for sale: $225 includes shipping to US.

Bitango also offers $1 for each editing error found in our books which are newly published in 2012 and after, but not earlier works. This will apply to the first time the error is found and we will post the error and finder of the error on our website.

Bitango uses fair contracts that have been written by authors.

Bitango works faster than traditional publishers.

Bitango is a contrarian publisher and looks for nontraditional markets for its books.

Some of Bitango's prices are higher because our publications are geared to smaller, niche markets rather than the mass market.

Bitango's formats vary according to practicality: Mini-books, booklets, trade paperback, PDF, Kindle ebook, Nook ebook, etc.

Bitango doesn't require authors to be represented by literary agents in order to submit book queries and proposals. See the Submissions page.

Bitango authors whose works will receive a little Welcome package of writer goodies. (Nothing extravagant; we're pretty frugal.) See News.


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