Never have a boring time on a date again!

"Let's Do Something...
Dinner and a Movie"

by Andrea Reynolds

This book has 1001 ideas with boxes you can check to remind you which dates interest you or which you've experienced.
Organized by activity themes.


99 page E-book containing over 1,000 ideas: $12.95

Print Edition: $39.95
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Seen on Canadian television, Let's Do Something is a compilation of more than 1,000 creative date ideas and tips to avoid the "dinner-movie date" rut, at home or on trips, alone, with pals, someone new or your beloved. Sections include: For Couples (romance), For Singles, Indoor Dates, Outdoor Dates, Romantic Resources, Date Planning.

Who it's for:
  • Single people who are on their own
  • Single people starting to date
  • Long-term partners who want to rekindle the romance in their relationships
  • Groups of friends, pals, traveling companions
  • Couples who are dating steadily
  • Couples who are madly in love or want to rekindle the magic

How to Use This Resource

  • Refer to it when someone says,"What do you want to do?"
  • Let your partner know what you'd like: check the boxes next to the items that appeal to you and give the page or book to your partner to see
  • Find out what your partner likes: Give your partner a pencil and this book and request that it be returned to you with items checked that appeal to him or her.
  • Spend a lazy afternoon going through the book together with two pencil colors to indicate each other's preferences
  • Use the ideas to inspire your own creativity: Combine items from different sections depending on your mood, preferences and budget
  • Take charge of your social life if your partner doesn't
  • Find exciting activities that are free or low cost
  • Become more creative, spontaneous, playful and romantic
  • Get in touch with that "inner child" who didn't get to play earlier in life
  • Try more interesting activities that use local resources
  • Experience the anticipation of upcoming events
  • and maybe even revive a "ho hum" relationship.

The Story Behind the 1000 Great Dates

When I was dating I found that no matter how creative the men were in their careers, they weren't so creative when it came to date activities. So when someone asked me out I had a list of three specific things we could do, ready at my finger tips. They liked that they didn't have to think about what we could do, they were happy just making the arrangements. As my list became longer I added boxes next to each idea so they could check off the ideas they liked best. Once I did the same, we had a customized list of activities that appealed to us both.

About this time, the Learning Annex asked me to conduct a class called 50 Romantic and Playful Things to Do in Toronto. I said, "What, only fifty?" The list wasn't just a list of places: I added a twist ... something to make your time at the location more memorable.

When my students asked for it, I published a little booklet of 101 Romantic and Playful Things to Do. Then it became 401, and then 501. I stopped at 1001 which includes other ideas like gifts and resources.

I actually published two books:
Let's Do Something Besides Dinner and a Movie, and Romantic and Playful Toronto, which had the same content but contained places and contact information specific to Toronto. It was ideal for both Toronto residents and visitors to Toronto. It was perfect for guests who stayed at my Author's Bed & Breakfast.

~ ~ ~ ~

"An interesting, valuable book... some wonderful ideas. I was quite fascinated." Dini Petty, "The Dini Petty Show", CTV Network, Canada

"Funny, enlightening, honest, and inexpensive... just the way a date should be!" Ann Rohmer, "Breakfast Television" CityTv, Toronto

(Slap on forehead) "Gee, I wish I'd thought of that!" Arthur Black, "Basic Black" CBC Radio, Canada

"I think it's a great investment" Judy Webb, "Toronto at Noon" CJEZ Radio, Toronto

"It was wonderful; it was inspiring. I came away thinking... I can do that! Bill Carr, "Metro Morning" CBC Radio, Toronto

"I love it. Lots of free things to do." Marion Wright, Toronto Ontario

"Many good ideas, for all types of personalities, from the conservative to the not-so-weak at heart. Some pretty outrageous ones thrown in there. Well worth the cost." Marc Tremblay, Estevan Saskatchewan

"I found new and different ways to connect with the other sex without resorting to old clichés, and your ideas for unusual dates and activities were very welcome. I particularly liked the date recycling party idea and plan to have one myself." Diane Barrett, Vanier Ontario

~ ~ ~ ~

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Contents (organized by themes)

Part I The Preliminaries
20 Questions to Inspire Creativity
Andrea's "Rules" for Date Planning
What Men Like (20)
What Women Like (20)
16 Theme Ideas for Dates

Part II For Singles
13 Solo Dates, On Your Own
100 Places to Meet Other Unattached People
25 Ways to Ask for a Date
10 Tips for Preparing For Your First or Blind Date
11 Ways to End a Good Date
16 First Dates

Part III For Everyone
110 Ways to Pretend You're a Tourist
29 Ways to Be a Kid Again
14 Dates in Which You Can Talk to the Animals
12 Dates In the Sky
20 Dates On the Water
10 Dates On Wheels
15 Dates In the Snow
13 Ways to Hobnob With the Rich & Famous
11 Mystery & Magic Dates
24 Unusual Places to See Art & Sculpture
14 City Tours by Land
16 Romantic Getaways
11 Adventures
11 Dates to Make You Laugh
7 Elegant and Luxurious Dates
16 Villages & Neighborhoods to Explore
15 Quiet & Contemplative Dates
17 Ways to Experience Literature & Culture
20 Unusual Classes
32 Fairs & Festivals
27 Games & Contests
11 Ways to Revisit History
27 Themes for Parties
14 Selfless Acts
5 Ways to Experience Science & Space
21 Ways to Dance The Night Away
11 Classy Picnics
8 Dates In the Country
41 Outdoor Cafes & Patios
42 Conversation Starters

Part IV For Couples
30 Memorable Marriage Proposals
14 Weddings
22 Celebrations
42 Romantic Gifts
47 Everyday Romantic Gestures
11 Ways to show Your Love When You Have to Be Apart
43 Gestures to Say "I love you"
36 Ways to Set the Mood for Love
14 Romantic Evenings at Home
27 Ways to Rekindle the Flame
24 Places to Make Love

Part V Resources
12 Books on Romance
15 Romantic Films
2 Sample Poetic Invitations
16 Sample "Gift" Certificates
3 Sample Seduction Dinners
Andrea's Relationship Hotline
Andrea's Lectures & Workshops


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